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Answer: Compra la large, yo mido 5,1" y mido 37 inches de cintura y la large me apretaba demasiado el estomago Question: Do you have to take this completely off to go to the restroom or does it have a hole to pull apart?

Answer: You have to take it off but it's not difficult Question: I am 5'4 and o weigh pounds so what size do i need?. Answer: It does the measurements one size up so I think large.

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Answer: Medium for compression, but it all truly depends on ur measurement Question: iam 5 foot and pounds what size to you recommend? Answer: Hi! It's difficult to say I think it would depend on your thighs, rear and tummy.

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If they are on a larger side, I'd go with medium. If you're slim built then small.

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Also, it depends what type of control you want. I'm 5ft 6 in and weight lbs.

I got Medium and and it's a comfy fit; I can wear it all day and I don't feel restricted. So, in conclusion, if you want more control, Small would be better. If you want all day comfort, I'd go with Medium.

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Good luck! Question: Im 5'2" and weigh What size should i get? Answer: XL Question: i am 5'9 lbs what would you recommend?

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Answer: Buy the same slimming spandex shorts as your under garment Client rating.