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We're gonna show you some of the new clothing. We've got in the store this week we have received a lot of items this week, so we're just gonna show two brands today and so we're gonna show you girls kids and so we're gonna start with this cute little crop denim jacket. It's embellished with pearls and rhinestones We have this jacket in sizes two to size seven.

It's a blush. This is got some. In it with a Bell sleeve, it's got velour pants. We hope you see something that you like cuz we do have up to size fourteen today we in fact, eighteen this is from kids. So don't think it's really heavy and we. Before like a lagging with a shaggy. He was sparkled top this outfit is a two piece outfit.

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We have this in sizes five to sizes fourteen. This is really one of our favorites. We like it that way, but the top is fringe. You can take this and put it with jeans.

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You can take it and put it with leggings but this with a little bell of the cute little outfit if you little girl like shimmy and shake this is a for her like I said This comes in sizes five to size. It's ribbed sparkly is supposed to be fitted. It comes with the jeans that are here at the bottom it looks.

With our crop jacket, Cute cute set it was size five size six size seven. Remember, this does not come in a six X so the seven usually fits like a six pack Your jeans are elastic waist. We have belt loops, They've got a stretch denim.

With a overlay with the embroidered at the bottom this shirt, I think we have this. Slimming womens coats don't have that yet.

I think Slimming womens coats gonna have it from a two toddler all the way to a seven. It does have come with the ruffle the ruffle jeans that are slim the jeans do have a zipper and a button, so it's not a pull on slimming womens coats is a pretty pink. The sleeves are. Don't have the netting over it the this little outfit I have in a two to a seven.

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Of children's clothing they make the cutest outfits in the world and this is a little navy blue that says singing in the rain. It's got a gray with a little sparkly leggings.

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The looks like it's layered, it is in pink buttons down the back with a ruffle on the sleeve on the neck and like you've got it layered and this is just a sweetest outfit.

I've ever seen. I really like this, I wish I had made this one.

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This one runs like I said from twelve and a 36 month, which is like a three two uh this two-piece outfit is thirty-nine It was a great deal. The outfit and I'm gonna show you how it goes with another one. This is a two piece outfit and we'll call this one Dreamer in this Dreamer outfit it runs from size four to size seven.

It's a two piece outfit cute leggings that have got Navy blue Gray white and silver hearts on it.

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It's got the glitter on it The little top is layered, you'll see really sweet outfit. We've have this.

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I know a lot of people whether it be school day here going to visit people uh going to the doctors. It's just a really sweet outfit, but I'm gonna keep this out because I'm gonna show you what you can do with it The next outfit.

Yes, I'm calling this one best buds this runs just one second. A little rascals. Social security is calling me I don't think anyway. If you like both of these I would take.

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This coat and also put it with this top. And this one four really cute the quality of this company and the material workmanship slimming womens coats wonderful, but I really like to have those outfits themselves up well, give those sizes Vicky and dollars for the outfit If. She's I mean if that's not the cutest sweetest thing I've ever seen and I've really like it was a Navy top. Also it looks cute with that. It was great with a flat, but these two outfits if I was gonna buy one when I buy those so you can play them back and forth.

I just think it's really cute. Alright the slimming womens coats outfit we have. Oh this is a. This dress runs from a size four to a seven.

This dress is partying in on the bottom with the ruffles. It's cuz you know how they like to twist. I mean as soon as my granddaughter puts on any kind of dress, it's twist it says smile with the gold glitter. I don't think this one will last very long so nine. Simple that you just sling it and put it on for when they have to go places.

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It's just it's just a little girl now. The price is unbelievable. This Red dress has got two sleeves with some sparkles in it just a little bit of sparkle in it this Red dress that zips in the back and please hurry and get this re order from my or they don't do anymore.

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We ordered about the second week of October it takes 2 months to get it in because it's painful before it leaves Spain it's made for to Spain. It's this dress is a. It's red Velour lined beautiful two one of the prettiest dresses. I believe I've ever slimming womens coats for just a beautiful simple style cute dress, but I love this dress size two to size seven.

It's got the hidden zipper.

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This dress is well made beautiful for the holidays. I have people already looking for um fall pictures. They're talking about Christmas pajamas, but I just think. Dress is amazing during that crazy over this dress, it's one of our favorites. Another item that we want a lot this week from size four size seven. This is a great about this pocket park.

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It's tan with the doctor. Can you see the dots?

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Judy and the dog? Yes, you can see it. Not last long and Under Armour jackets for little girls and when I saw this one, this is about the same price with a little bit more style and I wouldn't cancel my what is six, but this is got a cute layered. The look is just amazing.

We really feel in love.